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Greetings to all. My name is Tracy E. Lawson. I am a science fiction/fantasy author. None of my fantasy writings have been published yet. My first book, 'Forceful Persuasion' was published on the first try. Though, 'Forceful Persuasion' was my first attempt to see if I would become published, it was published. I had to cancel the contract with my publisher to rewrite it. They hadn't offered me another chance to see when I get finished writing this new book, they would gladly accepted the next book. They lost their chance. By and by, I had to cancel the contract with my publisher. I felt I was getting nowhere fast with them so this is an attempt to become a published author. I once heard that using print on demand publishers do not count as published. However, I'm still confident in my decision to cancel this contract in hopes of starting afresh. I also felt the book could've done much better in sales if it wasn't boring. I wouldn't exactly consider 'Forceful Persuasion' a complete failure. It just lacked character life. The new version is going to have the same storyline except pirates are now space criminals. I like the sound of that instead and it's much more convincing to my audiences. I sure hope you will read this new version as I know some of you will not read the new version, having read the old version.

The New Version now titled, 'Forceful Persuasion: Book One of the Star Child Project'. I do not have a short description from the new version yet.

Please feel free to leave a message in the guestbook, chat in the chatroom, or visit my other site, www.freewebs.com/noella5088



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