Forceful Persuasion Book Signing Two

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May 28, 2006, I held my second booksigning at the annual Arts in the Park Festival and I'm happy
to say that Forceful Persuasion has sold out at this event. I have not taken any pictures of the event since an unfortunate accident happened to my camera, but I must report that everything went well with the selling of my book.
There is also a surprise that I would like to announce, a sequel is in the process of being written at this time. I will not tell you the title until I'm actually ready to announce it. I will let you know that the sequel is much more mysterious than the first book so be aware that it much more of a mystery/science fiction/or horror all rolled into one.
Here's a brief summary of what it's about:
Jennifer Warren and her new brother, Bailey Anderson, are in a trouble. Things just couldn't stay 'normal' for long before a  spacefaring friend comes to warn Jennifer  and her family of a new adversary.  While her friend searches, Jennifer thinks that she's in danger so she presses a homing device to lead Respos, a symbotic computer, to pick her up.
What is this new adversary? No one knows. An adventure is about to unfold as Jennifer and Bailey are thrusted into the future to find out what's going on. Neither of them realize the danger of being alone in a poverty world can be. What happened to this poverty world? Only the truth can be found out by reading the book. Why can't Jennifer and Bailey return home without their Lotarian friends? Why cannot Respos perform a way to return them home? The help comes in form of a friend that has been monitoring them for the entire time, even if the Lotarians are there to aide them in this event of crisis. And another secret is revealed and there isn't just one star child, as Jennifer and Bailey find out. There are more! Join Jennifer and Bailey search for their way home and see what goes on in the end with the Respos system. Something even more terrible is going on in the Respos Control Faclity that has everyone a wreck. Even the computer himself is having a bad day!