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Author News:

I have completed two new stories and am working on revisions. Over a year, I decided to take the time to revise my first edition novel-'Forceful Persuasion'. Though it took me a couple of years to write it, I felt it needed more editing and revision. I wasn't too pleased with the way 'F.P' was heading so I decided the only way to get it sold was to revise it with something new. Other stories are still being revised as well so my little vacation's cut short-again. I don't mind reading my stories over again. I had enough time to have a short, but brief vacation.

In other news, I have a couple of ghost stories to tell along with a new book called, 'Nightmares Before Christmas'. I had such bad Christmases in the past, I had to write what happened before our move after Christmas. It's pretty sad to tell you what happened and it's time I let you all in a little secret. I've been keeping this stuff quiet.

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