Forceful Persuasion

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Forceful Persuasion, my first full length novel is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next page has pictures of my first book signing at the Mountain Scholar bookstore in Blue Ridge. The store order ten copies and seven of those copies sold, which was great for the inclement weather and threat of ice storms. Many people stayed home. The next signing is TBA.

I am currently working on a sequel. The sequel will not be submitted to any publishers until I'm fully satisfied with it. I've been writing in it part time.

I may even write a trilogy. "Who knows?" she said with reckless abandon, "I may write a TV series."

You can find Forceful Persuasion at,,,, or any online bookstore. You can order it from your local store if you would like.

Feel free to leave any messages in my guestbook. I welcome any feedback or comments.