'The Star Child Project'
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I have great news to bring to you. I am proud to announce the next book, 'The Star Child Project'. It is not published yet, and am currently looking for a literary agent to help me achieve another goal. I strive to reach my goals no matter what happens in the future.

Here's an intro. 'The Star Child Project' is about two young children named Jennifer Warren and Bailey Anderson. They are apart of a secretive project. The project known as a star child project. This is how Jennifer and Sarah Lackett became the way they are today. Not only there are three, there's one more mysterious child named Jolle. The younger star children are warned against using their newfound powers too much and are caught in a struggle to return home. Things couldn't get more weird can they? Find out more by reading 'The Star Child Project'.

Up Next:

The Conclusion of 'The Star Child Project'. There's another!! 'The Star Child Project II: The Powers Revealed'.
We take one step further into the project, but time is of the essence. Something huge is on its way to Earth. Something large and unstoppable. What can this be?