Lotari and Other Places
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Welcome to Lotari and Other Places.

I have created all my worlds out of my imagination and I wouldn't mind sharing some history behind the worlds I have created.

Lotari had to be almost like Earth. The atmosphere had to be similar to Earth to support her life. There are birds similar to Earth birds, predators in the oceans, fish, etc. Lotari isn't the only planet used for living on. Lotari's Moon, Octivah had lush plant life along with many other beings living on a planetary station made for all kinds of beings.

Lemara, the next place I created was supposed to be Atlantis. Ever think that other people might have different names for their places. Lemara was only visited through a special dimension which was under water. I have even connected another dimension to Lemara II.

I based some of my research on witness accounts of seeing lights below the surface of the ocean, heading to some unknown destination. I researched where most life might be if we were to be visited. Researching for Lotari, Octivah, and Lemara wasn't very hard when I had the Internet. Internet research was easy for me to find out what kind of star systems I could use that would relate to now. Writing about something mysterious and adventurous has been my aim for young and older audiences.