Fiction or Non-Fiction
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Author of Both Genres.

Considering the most important fact, it's often difficult to write a non-fiction story about my life and the hardships my mother and I had to endure. By habit, I have the tendency to write for long periods of time without a break. Sometimes, this tendency helps alleviate anything relating to stress.

For an entire year, while in mourning after the death of my father, I found out I couldn't make decisions.

My job that I worked seven years as a black sheep, had me in a bind. I couldn't not come in because I was moving and they wouldn't listen. Unfortunately, instead of being mature people, they made me resign my job. Which goes to show you how much they care about the individual and their belief system that the customer's always right, respect for the individual and other company beliefs. What was even more odd was the lack of understanding behind this company. The company was very unfair to its associates. After I had left the job, I felt relieved of a greater stress. There was no stress related problems with this company anymore. I was so glad to leave. I spent few months looking for a job, but I felt like I was over qualified. How can someone be over qualified when they're searching for a job? By and by, I found a part time job in another retailer and still in hardships. I canceled my contract with PA for the hopes of rewriting a novel that I hope everyone will read and forget about the first novel that wasn't so good.

And so, I can write both non-fiction and fictional stories.

I'm even considering of writing a novel about disabilities.